Retrospective of a Retrospective

You know, I think that Sprint Retrospective has to be the second most hated misunderstood meeting; first one being, you guessed it – a Daily meeting. And yet, that’s a pity. It’s a pity because this is not just something that we should be doing as part of our job, but as part of […]

The Product Owner’s Curse

I worked with many Product Owners. Dozens, to be more precise. Youngsters and oldies; aggressive and chilled-out; domain experts and newcomers. And yet, one thing is for sure – boy, do I think that role is cursed! I will focus this article on the traits that I found useful in POs that we enjoyed […]

Oh no, daily again!

This has got to be the second most discussed “issue” (first one being “story points vs hours”). “Why do we have dailies?” “What’s the purpose of reporting (or raporting) my status day after day?” “Why am I being micromanaged?” etc. Truthfully, I’m in favor of them. Seriously. I guess we could probably do without […]

Art of Finishing Things

You would think that starting or sustaining at anything is hard enough, right? But once you do start and once you do keep doing it, assuming that there’s an actual end to it, you’d expect it to be easy, no? Since you overcame the static friction and (hopefully) managed to do it for long […]

Art of Sustaining at Things

I never really planned on writing this article. The original idea was to publish Art of Starting Things and move on. “Man, why stop there?”, said my Aussie friend. “Starting is not enough. You have to write about Sustaining and Finishing things”. And honestly, it got me thinking. It’s a fact really. Starting anything […]

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