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About myself

Hi there! Thanks for taking time and interest in finding out more about myself and this blog 🙂 I’m Mihailo, a full-time programmer engineering manager, part-time fitness enthusiast overtime parent and a wannabe write-for-fun-of-it kind of guy. You can find out more about my professional endeavors on LinkedIn, stalk my readings on Goodreads (I do reviews as well!), follow my blabbing on Twitter or follow my writing journey on Instagram.

What about the blog?

It took me a while to actually figure out how to tackle the “About” page of this blog. I’ll take the most raw and direct approach here I guess.

So, how this blog came to be, right? Well, it is an idea that I’ve been pondering for two years straight. I pretty much love writing and discussing things at length; or as others would say – I like bullshitting quite a lot 🙂

Well, for two years straight I’ve been pondering what to even start blogging about. What would be the subject? Who am I targeting with my writings? Which domain to use? You know, all those questions that your brain is serving you when it’s afraid jumping into anything new.

Eventually, I just came to realization that I want to do something purely out of joy. As in – do something just for the sake of enjoying the process of doing it. Well, since I’ve been journaling daily for almost a year now, and since every now and then I’d be hit with some topic that I’d go and write about, I just figured I could as well share those thoughts in a blog. And that’s how this blog came to be – I realized I want something where I’ll write purely for myself and about stuff that I want to write about. On top of that, I promised to myself to try and keep away from any kind of statistics, as I strongly believe that starting to write based on statistics would kill the authenticity of my writing and hence make this a job and not a hobby … but let’s see if and how’ll that work out.

What about the blog name?

Ha! So, here is a funny story. If you’ve ever used C programming language, you’ve probably heard of struct keyword. If not, well, it’s a shorthand for structure. Anyway, for two years straight, I planned on having a blog under mihailojoksimovic.com. Well, something was off there obviously and it was one day while I was taking a shower that it actually hit me – damn, I want to put my unstructured thoughts in a blog … so it has to be something about lack of structure.

Now, at this point, you have to realize that I was pretty sure that struct is actually a valid word. And based on that, I just figured that “unstructed” has to be an opposite of something that is “structed”. Well, lo and behold, I literally ran out from the bath, all dripping wet and, as I immediately assumed that .com version is taken, I went for unstructed.tech. Bang and I got it for like 5 euros!

Well, it didn’t take long before I actually entered “unstructed” into Google, and what I got back was: “Did you mean ‘unstructured'”? Umm, no, I meant “unstructed”. Next I searched for “structed” and, well, believe it or not, Google asked me again “Did you mean ‘structured'”. Bummer!

So for two days and nights I was sweating all over and thinking whether to go with “unstructured” or “unstructed”. Well, eventually I ended up buying:

  • unstructed.tech,
  • unstructured.tech,
  • unstructedtech.com and
  • unstructuredtech.com

Talk about “not caring”, eh? Eventually I decided to just go with unstructed.tech because the name itself is actually as unstructured as my idea about posts on this blog is 🙂

Hell, what about the damn logo?

Hah, well that’s also an interesting one. I actually had completely different idea in my mind. I had a memory of some geometrically impossible figure which I saw at some point somewhere, but I couldn’t find it, let alone name it. So I just googled for “geometrically impossible shapes” and I ended up purchasing this one for 2 bucks:

Basically, if you look a bit closer, you’ll notice that you can’t really figure it out 🙂 Your brain will try making sense out of it, but it will keep failing because it can not make any sense out of that shape. Well, that’s exactly how I see this blog!

What now?

Well, I’d suggest you go and explore the content that I’ve prepared. Good luck!

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