Integrate-first approach

This is a mistake I keep seeing, and occasionally becoming a victim of, which just shows how easy it is to be fooled by it. Whenever it comes to building anything involving more than one component, I’d always have a tendency to try and build in isolation-first, and work on integration later. I’d even fool […]

Turning Chaos into a Line

I’m the most chaotic and unorganized person ever. Seriously. Give me an unknown task and, deep down, I go full blown hazard. Favorite example is my manager making a request to provide a timeline and plan to do X, where X is usually something that I have no faintest idea about. Gotta admit that […]

Let’s talk about Data Models and ORMs

I can’t really pinpoint the moment that got me thinking. It was probably related to the sheer number of code tests that I’ve been reviewing lately and the rising phenomena of “Framework Developers”. I’m not talking about developers who actively develop frameworks. No. I’m talking about people who actually learn to program by learning […]

And then there was Scrum

Don’t be surprised. I already wrote a pretty lengthy article – “Scrum. From developers perspective“. However, I’ve received some “complaints” as well arguing the length of the article itself (hint: it’s pretty lengthy and goes into the depth of it). Hence, I’ve decided to write a summary of it. And this is what this […]

Deadline and The Beast

For most of my career, I was the one who would always complain over the deadlines. Why the hell do we have them? Why are you bothering everyone to estimate stuff instead of letting us do the actual work? Why the hell are you trying to limit my creativity by trying to put a calendar on it? […]

Oh no, daily again!

This has got to be the second most discussed “issue” (first one being “story points vs hours”). “Why do we have dailies?” “What’s the purpose of reporting (or raporting) my status day after day?” “Why am I being micromanaged?” etc. Truthfully, I’m in favor of them. Seriously. I guess we could probably do without […]

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