On Writing

People assume that I love writing. That’s fair. I used to write a lot in the past and these days I’m really trying to scribble stuff down whenever I have some free minutes. Makes sense to assume that I just love doing it, because why bother otherwise? Truth is — I hate writing. Hate it. […]

My journey into Microsoft

Ever since Dr. Milan Milanovic published the interview, I kept being asked for additional details on how I got a gig in Microsoft. And I think it all stemmed from the fact that my path was rather unconventional and that it breaks the stigma of most what is known. I’m happy that’s the case. And […]

Escaping the Quicksand

There’s a trend. There’s definitely a trend I keep observing these days. Highly motivated Software Engineer, a rockstar, one pushing the boundaries of innovation and melting the limits of implementation, eventually ends up drowning. Drowning in their own frustration. It starts harmless. Slightly decreased motivation, a few harsh words against management here and there, but […]

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