I was pissed

This article was supposed to be called “I am pissed”. That’s how I envisioned it. Because, guess what? I WAS pissed as fuck at the time when I wanted to write it. The only reason I didn’t was that I was so pissed about being pissed that I couldn’t even start writing about it. Go […]

How about making YOU your startup?

Startups. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot. It’s not just a “buzzword”. It’s a symbol of freedom. Freedom of choice. Freedom from money issues. Being your own boss. Making your own choices. Doing stuff that you enjoy doing and doing them on your own terms. Building your own startup (or shall […]

How long is your NEVER?

Ever caught yourself saying something like “I’ll never get that”? “It’s too hard; I’ll never understand it”. “I’m just anti-talent for it”. Be honest! I’m sure you went through it at least ONCE in a recent past. Pause for a second now and think about it. What was it? What made you feel like […]

And then there was Scrum

Don’t be surprised. I already wrote a pretty lengthy article – “Scrum. From developers perspective“. However, I’ve received some “complaints” as well arguing the length of the article itself (hint: it’s pretty lengthy and goes into the depth of it). Hence, I’ve decided to write a summary of it. And this is what this […]

Deadline and The Beast

For most of my career, I was the one who would always complain over the deadlines. Why the hell do we have them? Why are you bothering everyone to estimate stuff instead of letting us do the actual work? Why the hell are you trying to limit my creativity by trying to put a calendar on it? […]

Retrospective of a Retrospective

You know, I think that Sprint Retrospective has to be the second most hated misunderstood meeting; first one being, you guessed it – a Daily meeting. And yet, that’s a pity. It’s a pity because this is not just something that we should be doing as part of our job, but as part of […]

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