Turning Chaos into a Line

I’m the most chaotic and unorganized person ever. Seriously. Give me an unknown task and, deep down, I go full blown hazard. Favorite example is my manager making a request to provide a timeline and plan to do X, where X is usually something that I have no faintest idea about. Gotta admit that […]

Rereading the Same Book

Last year I read 30 books. And then I wrote an article about it. What you can learn from it is that I was never an avid reader, but more of a (very) late-bloomer. But I figured that “if you want to be successful, you’ve gotta read. A lot”. Don’t really ask me what it means, but it is what I believed in. So I focused on reading a lot for the sake of reading […]

I was pissed

This article was supposed to be called “I am pissed”. That’s how I envisioned it. Because, guess what? I WAS pissed as fuck at the time when I wanted to write it. The only reason I didn’t was that I was so pissed about being pissed that I couldn’t even start writing about it. Go […]

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